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About Us

Experience and passionate fitness team who has been trying all different workout and monitoring the result of every fitness routine.



Our story

My fitness passion started 10 years ago when I wanted to get in shape after leaving to play football for 12 years.

In the beginning, I spent about 2 years learning:

  • How to execute the exercises correctly.
  • How to plan the weekly fitness routine.
  • How to do the more efficient cardio to lose fat.
  • How to eat to get shredded and bulk up.
  • How many meals at day.
  • And so many other tips.

I did not have a proper online platform where to get all this information and I did not have enough money to rent a fitness coach.

In order to know all the fitness knowledge that would allow me to achieve my physique target, I was reaching every fitness website and trying all those tips myself. 

This took me a lot of time to know what really works. 

The purpose of this website is shown you a compete free fitness guidance, in order that you do not waste your time and achieve your dream body, as fast as, naturally you could in the most efficient way.