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The Best Gym Routines

If you want to improve your physique and heath in general, congratulations you are in the right place. In we are specialised in Gym Routines and bodybuilding techniques for both beginners who have just joined the gym and for the more advanced.
Start now with one of the next recommended workout or scroll down to select your level.

  • The best gym exercises for Beginners
  • Lose weight and Burn Fat.
  • Complete abs routine and tips.
  • Workout for beginners (0 to 1 year).
  • Gym routine for Intermediate (1 to 3 year)
  • Advanced routines.
  • Custom workout plan.

For Level

Select your Fitness level

Beginner Workout

beginner weight training

Intermediate Workout

Intermediate Weight Training

Advanced Workout

Advanced Weight Training

Custom Routines

Custom weight Training

For Body Part

At Home

In Gym

For Full Body

With Resistance Bands

For Upper Body

To Lose Weight / Body Fat

To Gain Muscle



Find the most efficient cardio

If you want to improve your physique and heath in general you will need to do cardio

Traditional Cardio

Traditional cardio training


HIIT Workout


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